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It’s easier to hide behind a computer screen and spill your most intimate secrets on Facebook. You’ve taken a huge leap, yet it has gotten you stuck where you are. This man left a letter next to him and was about to commit suicide; on the other hand, you have another person climbing up the hill.

Please avoid a generic introduction to your work like a statement or your general thoughts about photography.

It is better (and easier) to chose a single argument or theme and develop it.

The photo accompanying the article must be JPG, minimum size 800px the wide side. Images will than be labelled “Caption © Your Name”.

If you want you can suggest which photo will be used as the “featured image” (the thumbnail that will appear on the homepage and each archive page).

They are both taking a test that would determine their future, yet she wants the spotlight all to herself. The more likes you get, the more you feed your ego. Your own negativity can hurt someone who wants to succeed in life.

Her own success, satisfaction and needs are her priorities. It makes you feel confident yet in reality you’re making a fool out of yourself. Don’t be like everyone else because the society pressures you to. Don’t get fooled by anything that looks/seems attractive. People tend to be in denial just because it is more comforting to believe so. Would you rather know a comforting lie or an unpleasant truth? You’re not only harming your health but your money too. Editor-in-Chief Lorri Freifeld assigns those columns when she creates the editorial calendar in May/June for the following year.Please don’t be scared, the limit of 1,000 words is not that much, it’s just a couple of pages. Right now the longest article submitted is 6,665 words long. Articles shorter than 1,000 words will not be published. It is not necessary to heavily format your article, because in any case it will be re-adapted to CO-mag layout.These format styles are all accepted: section headings, italic emphasis and quotes (in quotation marks in the text or as separate paragraphs).No problem if some minor duplicate content is present, just avoid duplicating large parts of texts.If you have the authorization to do it, you can republish articles that already appeared on written media like books and magazines. Sure, 1,000 words says nothing about the article quality, but a symbolic limit is necessary to make the difference from a site with a photo gallery with a few lines of introductory text and a real article like those published on CO-mag.We are excited to announce Dovecote is now publishing reviews of recent, in-print collections of poetry.If you would like to send us a review for potential publication please follow these guidelines: To submit a review please send us an email at [email protected] the subject REVIEW SUBMISSION [your name as printed] [title of reviewed work] Please provide your review as an attached, single file.It is not a good idea to make duplicate content because Google penalizes a website if it finds that the content is duplicated.If I publish an article that is already on your site, we both risk losing some Google traffic.


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