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If I can walk at the rate of 4 miles an hour on the level, 5 miles an hour downhill and 3 miles an hour uphill, how long shall I take to go from A to B? The road from a town ‘A’ to another town ‘B’ is uphill for the first 2 miles, level for the next 3 miles, and downhill for the last 2 miles.

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Do not cross out too much, and do not add anything: Until you are often told to let him go your end of the missing rope, hold it firmly in the left with hand. Complete each of these sentences by underlining the right word in the bracket: (a) BACK is to FRONT as HEEL is to (SIDE, TOE, PLACE). Imagine you are a scarecrow and tell a story about yourself 3.

The leader of a Guide Patrol is named Mary Jenkins; so her Surname is Jenkins, her Christian name is Mary, and her initials are M. There are 6 other girls in her Patrol; each has 2 initials. One of the Twins has the same initials as the leader, and the other has the same Christian name as Evans. Cross out clearly what is not wanted in this silly sentence, so that is shall read properly. Write a short account (about four or five lines) on any four of the following: (a) Everest (b) Westminster Abbey (c) The Gothic (d) Williams Shakespeare (e) Queen Salote (f) The Maoris 2.

How many minutes fast will the watch be when the clock shows the right time?

In one there are 267 tins and in another 63 more than in the first. A watch is 20 minutes fast, but is losing 7½ seconds per hour. Then choose one word from the line that has the opposite meaning to the word in capital letters.

Black is the opposite of white; long is the opposite of short. (a) 6 3/4 of 4 2/3 - 10 5/6 ÷ 1 1/12 (b) 1.06 × 2.04 ÷ 0.12 3.

Now write down the opposites of these words: (a) Wide (b) Bright (c) Unkind (d) Eatable (e) Visible (f) Evil (g) Quickly (h) Smooth (i) Cheap (j) Sour 2. 3 A race started at 23 minutes past and finished at 23 minutes to 4. (l) John ran in the cake while James ate race in the refreshment room. (v) The squirrel top up to the climbed of the tree. (k) The children were long after their hungry walk. (q) As their mother had a noise they were told not to make a headache. (u) The frightened child man away from the angry ran. Questions in this section vary and may take different forms, such as identification of spelling and punctuation errors in a sample text or filling in the gaps in sample words.Practice in this section involves the key elements of essay writing tasks at 11 Plus exams – planning, structure and comprehensive writing.We offer several English Programmes to address these varied tests and provide the best assistance to pupils in building their confidence through understanding of the exam environment and question types.As part of our Programmes, we can cover the following elements: Comprehension training involves giving students short texts (500-750 words), varying between classic works, modern texts and factual writing, e.g. Pupils will then answer questions that test their literal and interpretive comprehension skill and knowledge of literary techniques and devices (such as similes or metaphors).Thank you for all your hard work.” “The level of teaching my daughter received at EDS Tuition Centre is fantastic.I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member, the standard of the teaching and the resources. Find the sum of all the numbers between 1 and 13 that are divisible exactly by 3. A clock is 12 minutes slow, but is gaining 5 seconds per hour. Read the following sentences and write down my best friend’s name: Harry is younger than me.


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