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Pliny the Elder (AD 23–79), Dioscorides (AD 40–90), and Pseudo-Galen (AD 129–216) all mention more “superstitious” means of abortion, such as eating the egg of a crow, being bitten by a dog, or crossing the menstrual blood of another woman.The earliest prophylactics were typically made from catfish and sturgeon bladders and used until the 19th century.However, it is extremely important for me that people know what is happening.

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Denunciation by doctors is not uncommon in Brazil, Peru, or El Salvador.

Women who are reported for attempting abortion can be detained in hospitals for weeks or months.

In places where abortions are illegal, pregnant women tend to ignore their condition for as long as possible, thereby wasting valuable time.

Illegal abortions are, on average, performed at some point in the second trimester.

I've faced ethical questions about life that I had never considered.

Much of my practice is based on people opening doors into their darkest place, and me relying on my own empathy and predisposition not to judge.

Her series On Abortion uses photography and text to share true stories on how women have historically received abortions without access to legal and safe methods.

The work is part of a larger body of work called A History of Misogyny.

These methods may be potentially life threatening and can cause pain, permanent injury, hemorrhage, and death.

For information about safe abortions, consult a health care provider or check out this information from the World Health Organization.


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