An Essay On Health Care

An Essay On Health Care-45
The states provide financial support for the indigent and disabled through comprehensive health care programs.They also take on the additional responsibility of implementing the governments Medicaid and SCHIP programs for the elderly and children.

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Because they are such a well organized interest group they are very effective in influencing the decisions on policies that affect the seniors in this country.

A decentralized role of the states has its pros and cons.

The United Sates is one of the few countries in the world that does have a national health care system where their government pays the majority and is the leader in the health care organization. The private sector is the leader and the government takes a back seat in the majority of the development of health policies.

It is funny that Americans prefer to have as less involvement from the government as possible in relation to health care financing, delivery, and policy.

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In a social insurance system, citizens must purchase health insurance from non-profit insurance companies who will then use this health insurance to pay for services provided by healthcare providers.

Healthcare is financed through private insurance companies which individuals can access through their employers and for the many Americans that are uninsured, there are three programs in which they can go through called Medicare, Medicaid, and The State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Powerful interest groups involved in health care politics adamantly resist any major change (Alford 1975).

Each group deeply believes that their interests are the best and will fight very hard to protect their interest.


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