Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Essay

In 1949, at the age of twenty-one, Andy Warhol moved to New York City, taking with him only two hundred dollars in his pocket.

It was a very difficult period in his life, he even exchanged drawings for food at the He became a successful commercial illustrator in New York City, mainly due to his invention - the blurred line technique - that gave a print-like image to his illustrations.

In each, include an overview of the type of visual characteristics and subject matter in this style.

Explain in your own words how this style relates to or reacts against Abstract Expressionism in both formal characteristics and in subject matter.

Warhol was an artist who explored various areas within the artistic spectrum.

He began with commercial illustration, later moving on to painting, while at the same time creating new techniques.

In her company, Warhol regularly attended the Byzantine Orthodox Church of St.

John Chrysostom, where he admired the screens with Byzantine icons. Luckily, he left enough money for Warhol to attend the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, where he studied pictorial art.

In order to support the analysis, we use the historical and artistic context in which the artist lived and painted, and the opinions of other authors, against the background of Warhol's own life.

This way, we seek to see beyond the obvious, trying to give meaning to his expression: "I am a deeply superficial person." Born in 1928 in Pittsburgh as Andrej Varhola Jr., Warhol was the son of Ondrej and Julia Varhola, Rusyn immigrants - a group that settled in the area of ​​present-day Slovakia.


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