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Morality is considered as the basis for many of the arguments and the paper concludes that perhaps a compromise in treatment of animals in society can be reached. From research and testing to animals in entertainment to the seemingly innocent "sport" of recreational fishing, animals constantly forfeit their intrinsic rights to a life free of pain, suffering and exploitation.The writer addresses several aspects where animals are forced to relinquish their rights as living beings. : A 4 page paper on how animal rights are viewed under the eudaimonism ideal of self-realization.The writer discusses the role that animals play in Dogon rituals which predict the future, and also gives a possible explanation for the mystery surrounding the impressive knowledge of this primitive tribe regarding the star cluster which makes up the "dog star," Sirius A and B. : A 7 page paper on the issue of wild versus domesticated animals in Jack London’s novel.

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The writer describes the biology of these small, inedible shell fish and then explains some of the negative effects they can have on aquatic systems.

Since phytoplankton and detritus consumed by tiny animals called zooplankton which in turn are eaten by small fish and these small fish by larger fish, biologists seem concerned that zebra mussels' tendency to eat the same items could damage established food chains by removing needed energy from its bottom level. : A 5 page overview of the evolution of plants and animals.

Preferred breeds are discussed, particularly the Newfoundland who has a propensity for water rescue.

Ways in which dogs are used for searching, tracking and rescuing are illustrated throughout the paper. : A 25 page research paper on wolves, their social biology, etc; The writer discusses various types of wolves, how they travel in packs, survive as predators, and so froth.

These new generations of fox greatly resemble dogs in appearance and behavior.

However, many animals, such as zebras and other large animals have proven immune to attempts at domestication.

Animal domestication research papers illustrate that anthropologically, man has been manipulating animals towards domestication for thousands of years.

A custom research paper on animal domestication can be tailored to any aspect of the process you need examined.

With the agricultural revolution at the end of the Neolithic period, human beings began to domesticate animals for both food and labor.

Goats, sheep, pigs and cows were among the first large animals to be domesticated for food, while horses were used for their ability to both labor (pull plows) and transport humans, either on their backs or by pulling carts.


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