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"I thought it was a nice little precursor, maybe you start thinking a little early, this is a bit odd that we’re hearing this," Mac Mullan said."But it is also about every era even in 1928 was an era of change.While that wouldn’t be without its problems or challenges, there would be a potential gain in how students could keep each other honest and hitting deadlines.

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For the students ready to do all this, it’s a great opportunity to strut their stuff.

For the rest of the students it can be an uncomfortable uphill battle, at best.

You can see the vaudevillian element, the gags, in both in the black and white and in the CG.

Black and white Mickey, at one point, unfolds his leg, turning it into a staircase that Minnie can climb up.

"I think the takeaway would probably be invention rules, and being inventive and inventive is a good thing, even if it’s a mix of old and new.

Mac Mullan herself does, though, "prefer horses." She would go out and visit some horses when working on the film—Disney is located in Los Angeles' equestrian district—and one specifically would come out of his stable when she whistled "Turkey in the Straw," the song featured in the short.But the message of the short is not that the old style is inherently better than its newer counterpart in animation."Horse wins over Pete in the car because Horse and Mickey combined are more inventive, and Pete just has power," Mac Mullan said.I think these are very instructive, not only to see where the students are coming from, but also as proof of how their educations in our local institutions could be improved.Looking through all the mission statements I kept coming across the words “worlds” and “universe.” For the students using this description, their attraction to animation was that it let them create unique worlds, and, or, their own universe. Animation does give its creator Deity-like powers to invent everything in an animated film, but what level of that should be in the hands of a student that has problems drawing the most basic of movement?That is a sweet, honest, and understandable sentiment, one that is representative of the starting place for just about every animation professional.Who among us didn’t start out making films or drawings for their immediate family and friends? It’s often a place of unconditional love and support.The freedom of a thesis film puts all that responsibility squarely on the shoulders of students, whether ready to create an entire universe or not.I also worry about the lack of standards that may go along with the “it’s my world” outlook.Not only could this make the quality of the films higher, it would result in better reel/portfolio samples, and (most importantly) ensure that the students learn key lessons in communication, teamwork, and production.As the system stands now in the local schools, besides making their own films, students are also required to hand in a short mission statement concerning their vision as filmmakers.


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