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Therefore students most in need of help are likely to flounder even more painfully if they must guess what to study.

The obvious solution to this problem is to give students specific study questions, then draw upon that pool of study questions when constructing test items.

Certainly if students are expecting a multiple choice test and they receive an essay test instead, they complain.

However, essay tests have their own set of problems. Despite all this, essay and short answer tests have many virtues.

Well constructed quiz items require a student to In my opinion, students should not be forced to guess what will be on a test ("psych out" the teacher) to decide what to study.

Educational research shows less able students are most affected when a teacher fails to spell out what must be studied to do well on a test. The more able students are better at sensing what the teacher wants.The more a person knows about a subject matter, the easier it is to make arguments in favor of answers somebody else might regard as wrong. Often the truth value of an isolated statement is quite debatable!It all depends on how it is interpreted, the definition of a key term, or complexities of context.selfquiz/aboutq.html], is about writing multiple choice questions that are fair but hard to guess.It might be of interest to my students—for example, to warn them away from the usual guessing strategies discussed below—or to visiting educators. Multiple choice questions are widely scorned as "multiple guess" questions.The criterion of success in writing a fair test item is simple.A student examining the item, while the book is open and turned to the relevant page, should agree the item is fair.Some teachers assume that multiple choice items encourage superficial studying.Perhaps it is true...other things being equal, students do not study as hard or as well for a multiple choice test.Sometimes people criticize this as "teaching the test,", but what is the alternative?Surprising students by asking questions they never realized they were expected to answer?


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