Anti Development Thesis Public Administration

Anti Development Thesis Public Administration-85
The focus areas are to ensure that the following is done and made available: The Minister of Public Service and Administration and union leaders launched the Public Service Charter in August 2013.The Public Service Charter is a commitment between the State as the employer and labour, which seeks to professionalise and encourage excellence in the Public Service and improve service delivery.By prohibiting officials from conducting business with the State, Government is eliminating incentives and opportunities for corruption and unethical conduct.

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The scheme’s key future priorities include: The CPSI was established to identify, support and nurture innovation in the public sector to improve service delivery.

The CPSI works through partnerships with other departments and state-owned enterprises to, for example, enhance the productive capacity of visually impaired educators by providing data-card devices for them to access teaching material without the use of Braille.

In the area of HIV and AIDS, CDWs disseminate user-friendly information on these conditions and mobilise communities to actively participate in HIV and AIDS-related awareness programmes, including World AIDS Day.

To promote food security, CDWs identify indigent households and mobilise them to benefit from the departments of agriculture and rural development’s food security programmes.

The Constitution mandates the commission to: To be effective, the Public Service has to develop a deeper understanding of the constitutional imperatives and Government mandate of providing a better life for the country’s citizens.

This would make it easier for Government to develop the necessary skills in its human capital to deal with the challenges faced by South Africans across the board.As the second largest medical scheme in South Africa, GEMS remains the fastest growing medical scheme.As at the end of March 2016, the scheme had covered close to 700 000 principal members and 1,7 million beneficiaries overall. It plays a major policy role in establishing norms and standards for the Public Service, which ensure that service-delivery mechanisms, integrated systems and access, HR, institutional development and governance initiatives are responsive to the needs of citizens.This mandate has evolved over the years from transforming and modernising the Public Service through the development and implementation of policies and frameworks, to providing implementation support to ensure compliance, improve service delivery and strengthen monitoring and evaluation.In terms of the Public Service Act of 1994 (Act 103 of 1994), as amended, the Minister of Public Service and Administration is responsible for establishing norms and standards relating to: The DPSA has identified the quintessential focus areas that will form part of the overall work of the Public Service and Administration Portfolio over the next four-year period.These will serve as the main strategic indicators that will point to whether the Public Service is effective, efficient and development-oriented.An effective, efficient and ethical Public Service is a central element in the building of a democratic developmental state as mandated by the NDP.Among other things, the Public Administration Management Bill prohibits public administration officials from conducting business with the State and officials in public administration are required to declare the financial and business interests of their immediate family members.In terms of accessibility; GEMS has made considerable inroads in covering lower level employees, with 45% of Level 1 to Level 5 employees now covered by the scheme.Approximately R1 in every R5 spent on private healthcare is spent by GEMS, and approximately R1 out of every R10 spent on healthcare (private and public) in South Africa is spent by GEMS.


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