Antithesis In Julius Caesar

Antithesis In Julius Caesar-41
Making the evil and the good living things and 2 he uses Tautology which is the repetition of an idea in a different word, phrase, or sentence.He is essentially saying the same thing with different words in each line.The scene closes when Antony’s servant comes and tells Antony that Octavius has arrived and Brutus and Cassius were chased through the gates of Rome in fear of their lives. This is the introduction where the original case is presented to the audience.

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Let’s look at antithesis closer to see if—or how—you can use it to reach deeper meaning.

The key remember the three main rhetorical devices, Ethos, Logs, and Pathos.

Using these you will become a better speaker and writer – convincing your audience, pulling readers in to your book or speech.

Antony’s speech takes place near the end of the third act. Ethos is the ability of a speaker to gain agreement based upon his reputation, Logos is based on logic and pathos is based on emotional pleas.

It is appealing to the rhetorical devices found in primarily in pathos. Antony’s argument against Brutus was so convincing that Antony made the people burn down Brutus and Cassius’ houses and chase them out of Rome.


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