Approaches To Literary Criticism Essay

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These data have not been much mined by cognitive scientists, who therefore have much to learn from literary criticism, which examines the texts in depth. Enormous thought goes into the production of texts and perhaps even more (given the ratio of readers to writers) into interpreting them.

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But it is not my aspiration to create a new school of critical theory.

Rather, I hope to cast some light on the relations among existing doctrines by reinterpreting them in a language that can lend to them a precision that they seldom seem to possess in contemporary literary discussion.

But the numbers of such scholars are few and the literature of the subject not large.

I am a cognitive scientist, not a literary critic or a theorist of literary criticism.

That will not be easy, for I will not be using the key terms in their ordinary senses, but in senses dependent upon a theoretical framework and formal language that I can set forth here only in broad outline.

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Focusing on the term "meaning" and how that term is interpreted in contemporary cognitive science will concentrate most of the technicalities and difficulties in one place.

Perhaps what I am attempting here should be viewed as a gesture from the cognitive side to repay a small part of the debt we owe to critics and theorists of criticism for introducing us to literary texts.

The paper may also be viewed as an experiment in communication between the two cultures of the humanities and the sciences.

I simply take for granted that, pace Leavis, there are two cultures, much as C. Snow (1959) described them thirty years ago, and that communication between them is infrequent and then, when it occurs, noisy.

I also take for granted that it is important for our society that this communication be improved substantially.


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