Argument Essay On Social Media

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The real life is much steeper than the screen of even the most expensive phone, but many of us limit our world to it.

And these are not only personal preferences because social networks have the ability to drag deeper and deeper.

Many of them do not understand that the virtual world replaces live communication, devours time, reduces productivity and spoils the mood.

The saddest is the fact that people live the best moments of their lives on the Internet.

Students find it difficult to choose a topic related to complex subjects.

Those are Political Science, Science, Healthcare & Medicine, Physics, Information Technology & Computer Systems, etc.

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Perhaps, it is not too late to change something, change attitudes towards social networks and limit one’s presence in them, thereby improving the life without social media?

We do not release the phone from our hands, convulsively update Facebook and do stupid selfies for Instagram.


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