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And just as one is not born lazy but can by one’s choices develop oneself into a person of vigor or sloth, so also one is not born antisocial but can by one’s choices develop oneself into a person of cooperativeness or conflict. These philosophical novels embodied themes she subsequently developed in nonfiction form in a series of essays and books written in the 1960s and 1970s. Petersburg, Russia, on February 2, 1905, Rand was raised in a middle-class family.

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He stopped to ask why she was staring, and Rand explained that she had recently arrived from Russia, that she had long been passionate about Hollywood movies, and that she dreamed of being a screenwriter.

De Mille was then working on “The King of Kings,” and gave her a ride to his movie set and signed her on as an extra.

From New York, she traveled on to Chicago, Illinois, where she spent the next six months living with relatives, learning English, and developing ideas for stories and movies.

She had decided to become a screenwriter, and, having received an extension to her visa, she left for Hollywood, California.

Also in 1932 her first stage play, “Night of January 16th,” was produced in Hollywood and later on Broadway.

Rand had been working for years on her first significant novel, did not receive a positive reaction from American reviewers and intellectuals.

She then enrolled at the State Institute for Cinema Arts in order to study screenwriting.

In 1925, she finally received permission from the Soviet authorities to leave the country in order to visit relatives in the United States.

It was published in the 1930s, a decade sometimes called the “Red Decade,” during which American intellectuals were often pro-communist and respectful and admiring of the Soviet experiment.

Rand’s next major project was was ethical, focusing on individualist themes of independence and integrity.


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