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Both of T-Mobile’s business cell phone plans offer the same basic features (visual voicemail, Wi-Fi calling, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, and conference calling), plus unlimited calls within the US, Canada, and Mexico; unlimited texting and data internationally; and unlimited mobile hotspot service (at 3G speeds).A particularly useful business T-Mobile feature is DIGITS, which allows multiple phone numbers to work with a single phone, meaning you could have your work phone number and your personal phone number directed to one device, as well as three more numbers—if you really want to keep track of all that.For businesses expecting heavy mobile usage, AT&T has better plans, beginning with Business Unlimited Basic at a month per line.

The German-owned company has also earned a reputation for stellar customer service and was the first to eliminate annual contracts (an idea that stuck—none of the plans reviewed on this page require contracts).

In April 2018, the company announced its intention to merge with Sprint under the T-Mobile banner.

Serving over 150 million customers, Verizon isn’t just big, it’s BIG.

Such a mobile mammoth might not seem like the obvious choice for a small business, but for what it lacks in a personalized customer service reputation, Verizon more than makes up for by offering every cell phone feature there is, as well as dominant US, and near-dominant global, coverage.

Bring-your-own-device capability, free same-carrier calls, free US long distance and roaming, free nights and weekends, and all the standard business phone features are included with Business Unlimited, and you can add the Verizon Travel Pass (which is a fancy name for unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada and unlimited calling, texting, and data while in those countries).

Unlimited international texting is also part of the Business Unlimited package. There are nearly 100 i OS and Android phones and tablets available—including the Verizon Jetpack, a mobile hotspot device that can connect 10 devices to its 4G LTE network and an additional five to 3G.If your company requires truly “unlimited” cell phone service and scalability to grow and is in the position to pay for functionality with frills, Verizon Business Unlimited is the way to go.Bare-bones operations, however, might want to look elsewhere.You may remember a time when a company cell phone was a CEO-level luxury item, an era where slick dudes closed deals on yachts while talking on a brick-sized Motorola.Or maybe you just happened to catch on cable over the weekend.Starting at per line, at four lines minimum, the price per line comes down as phones are added.Verizon Business Unlimited would be more than adequate for a tiny company with no expansion plans, but it would also likely be attractive to a medium-sized business with eyes on growth or a large enterprise with heavy cell phone requirements.The same goes for T-Mobile Unlimited Business, which is made to accommodate 13 lines and up and starts at per line.As with most other providers, both T-Mobile business plans offer standards like free calling to same-carrier phones, free US long distance calls and roaming, free nights and weekends, and unlimited data usage (though it may be slowed to 50GB of usage per month).All plans include free US roaming, unlimited talk, and text messages, as well as unlimited texting outside of the country.Basic features like call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and conference calling also come standard with all AT&T business cell phone plans, along with bring-your-own-phone support.


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