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While the Scottish nobles are quibbling over the rightful successor to their throne and “squabbling over the scraps from Longshanks’ table,” Wallace prepares for battle and the invasion of England.The murder of Murron forces William to decide to give up his neutrality and fight.

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And although eventually he has to change his attitude towards the Scottish nobles, his determination to get Scotland free of England remains as solid as a rock.

Unlike the Scottish lords, who “do nothing but talk,” William’s first approach to conflict is to take action.

Scotland’s nobles fought him and fought each other over the crown. Joining the nobles is the only hope for our people.

So Longshanks invited them to talks of truce—-no weapons, one page only,” luring them “to a barn where he had them hanged.”The hanging of the Scottish nobles in the Mac Andrews’ barn, has a profound effect on the child William. The biggest problem for William is that he doesn’t consider any approach other than killing, destruction, and annihilation.

Always keeping in mind Longshanks’ ruthlessness as it touched his own life, William is able to keep moving forward uncompromisingly.

Bribing and “negotiation” always worked in the past to subdue the Scottish lords, so Longshanks attempts this approach with Wallace.

William’s victory at Stirling forces the Scottish nobles to decide to present this commoner with a knighthood.

Wallace’s sacking of York forces Longshanks to decide to send Princess Isabella to negotiate with Wallace, while he sends Irish, Welsh, and his own troops in France to fight the Scottish at Falkirk.

The Scottish lords are concerned that if they support Wallace, Longshanks will take away all they have—-even their very lives.

Longshanks chooses to subjugate Scotland; English lords choose to move to Scotland to avail themselves of the Right of Prima Noctes; Wallace chooses to fight; the Bruce first chooses to follow his father’s advice to play along with Longshanks, then seeing the devastating results, he finally chooses to follow his own conscience.


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