Business Continuation Plan

Such disaster scenarios include: The goal of a BCP is to mitigate the damage and reinstate operations before any of the above scenarios become existential business threats.

Even small-seeming events like a severe storm damaging physical building infrastructure can trigger consequences affecting other core business domains.

When well executed, business continuity plans turn emergencies from hemorrhages into hiccups.

Operations can pick up where they left off, continuing to serve your clients and customers, deliver value and protect the integrity of your overall business.

In other words, they identify the domains and functions from personnel and technology to equipment and physical infrastructure across your entire enterprise’s operations that don’t have any sort of “Plan B,” then calculate the costs associated with interrupting each.

BIAs give you the first indication of vulnerabilities within essential business functions.These risk areas a BIA helps identify include, but aren’t limited to, domains like: From BIA’s calculations, you determine which operations are most critically valuable to your company’s existence.In addition, they also outline worst-case but acceptable downtime projections, including manageable revenue losses due to operational disruptions and how one downed process affects others downstream.Many experience confusion over business continuity versus disaster recovery, including their similarities and differences, which steps to include in a BCP and even how to secure buy-in for the business continuity policy from key enterprise leaders.Learn how to write a business continuity checklist that works for your exact business processes — that is, one that addresses your company’s key domains and relevant pain points — and brings peace of mind to everyone at your organization.Teams understand what’s expected of them amidst the BCP procedures as well as who to turn to with further questions or concerns.A significant part of brand reputation hinges on the end quality of your product or services.Business continuity creates roadmaps to follow in the event of an emergency.Yet not every company’s continuity plan is made equal.Recovery and replacement strategies are the backbone of business continuity.Use the key risk areas and dependencies calculated in your BIA to begin exploring tangible infrastructure and service support most pertinent to your needs.


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