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The cost of providing any service under this niche will inadvertently be driven by the labor it requires and as such, a service firm plan has to devote a lot of attention to staffing.You will also need to include other information such as background information and if possible also describe employment contracts for key employees such as designers, marketing experts, buyers et al.

They may describe the background and accomplishment of key buyers.

They may also detail long term supply agreements with manufacturers of in demand branded merchandise.

In both areas, it is important to be aggressive but credible.

Presenting a plan that presents the company as growing too quickly will show how naïve the management team is, while presenting a too conservative growth plan will often fail to excite the potential investor who will require a higher rate of return over a relatively short period of time.

Anyone can have a concept, but investors do not invest in concepts. Reality is proving that the management team you have can execute the concept you have better than anyone else and your operations plan is what proves this.

While the marketing plan lays out the plan for attracting customers, the operations plan should lay out the key operational processes for serving them.

You will need to show whoever that is reading the important tasks of these employees at all levels so they can understand how your business works and what the customer experience is like.

The operational plan for retailers also devotes considerable attention to sourcing desirable products.

Technology product manufactures have processes to convert raw materials to finished products and service oriented businesses have processes to identify new areas of customer interest and to continually update service features.

The processes that a company makes use of to serve its customers are what transforms a business’s plan from concept to reality.


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