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At first, the cost of the vision seemed beyond reach.We quelled panic by putting price tags on all the separate pieces.Today, Tomaquag Museum is open five days a week with a steady flow of visitors, including tourists from all over the world.

The final business and revenue plan showed how the full vision might be achieved in five years. We showed the board how achieving intermediate stages short of the ideal would also be remarkable successes, not failures.

Each stage of success was clearly linked to the kinds of activities and efforts necessary to generate supporting revenues.

Each of them has faced important business planning and development decisions, and each has taken advantage of our advice and assistance.

When we began, the museum had no heat and was open only a few hours a week. How could a very small rural Native American museum with a long name and no cash launch a new private school for Native children…and overhaul their museum facility and collections at the same time? n Spears and her remarkable band of family and friends make it happen. We helped them organize their visions into one big picture of the future: an intimate, thriving two-room school for 35 or more Native students in grades K through 8, fully integrated into the natural setting of woods, orchard, brook and yard.

Narragansett tribal tradition shares community knowledge and resources in the tribal circle.

The circle represents the universe, the earth and life itself.

Taken one at a time, paying the electric bill, fixing the wiring, buying a new exhibit case and hiring a teacher all began to look doable.

We thought through what had to be done first, what came after that and how the board wanted to set its priorities.

The journey in this case is the process and the destination a comprehensive business plan.

The challenge in managing and executing a business planning process is that multiple stakeholders are involved, and they may or may not all agree on the route for the “journey” even though all know what the desired outcome or “destination” is.


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