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More information Business Plan Guidelines The following Business Plan Format checklist is meant as a guideline only listing the most important sections of the business plan in the order in which they will likely appear More information How to Write a Business Plan Small Business Development Center (SBDC) A well-written comprehensive business plan forms the basis for the success of any business venture.

The business plan is a written More information Business Plan Basic Template Steven Stralser Ph. The Center for Professional Development Voice: 8 email: [email protected] form of every good business plan, although More information Business Plan Outline Submitted To: The Community Development Transportation Lending Services, Inc., CDTLS Insert your Business Logo Here (if you have one) Insert Your Business Name Here Phone Number Here More information New York Start UP!

Items shown in bold are those items which are considered to be extremely important when seeking financing. Write one paragraph (five to 8 sentences) summarizing the facts for each of the above paragraphs.

PLAN FORMAT Use 8½ x 11 White Paper Narrative should be Pages [Does not include Financials or Appendices] Use a 3-Ring Binder [Do not use Spiral Binder] Include Graphs, Drawings, Charts, & Tables Bold the most important Sentence on each Page [Do not Bold Headings] Use Objective Adjectives [Do not use Subjective Adjectives] COVER PAGE Show the Business Name Show the Business Address Include the Company Logo/Slogan Show the Telephone/Fax Number Present the Web Address Include the Contact Person s Name, Phone Number, & Address TABLE OF CONTENTS List All Major Headings & Sub-Headings List the Contents of the Appendices Make sure the Page Numbers correspond correctly to the Plan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is the most important section of the plan. It discusses the business opportunity, product/service description, current business position, financial potential, and the financing request, in very concise and precise language.

A business plan is More information Excerpted from Fast Trac Growth Venture Whether you are creating a formal Business Plan or an internal working plan, your plan should be complete and free from errors.

Follow the instructions below to create More information How to Write an Effective Business Plan A good business plan is an invaluable tool for any business owner, whether you are just starting your new enterprise, expanding or changing strategic direction.

Tip: You must sell the reader on the management team!

The reader is trying to determine the ability of the management team to make this venture a financial success.

2013 Business Plan Competition Company Profile Company Name: Year Founded: Contact Name: Address: City State Zip: Target Market: Customer Problem: Email: p: f: URL: Industry: # Employees: More information Business Plan Guide for a Small Business A Business Plan is a written document that describes the path of your business venture.

It describes what you want to do and how you plan to do it, usually covering More information The Business Plan What is a Business Plan?


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