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This only opens you up to lobbying, internal politicking and land grabbing.It also prolongs the angst -- reorgs should happen swiftly and with as little churn as possible.If there are key people deeply affected or likely to be unhappy with the change, you or one of your reports can meet with them either right before or right after the announcement.

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Related: When Times Are Tough, Give Your Team This Pep Talk2. Who on your leadership team is overloaded and who has bandwidth? As you determine who needs to work on what and the proper reporting structure, remember that nothing you come up with will be 100 percent perfect and that is OK.

Should you have cross-functional product and engineering organizations or verticalized product units?

Relatedly, reporting is an exercise in tie breaking -- i.e., you want people who are likely to disagree to eventually report into a single tie-breaker.

This may be the CEO, or it may be someone lower down in the organization.3.

Write up an internal FAQ if needed and circulate it.6. Make a list of the people most likely to be unhappy with the change and reach out to them quickly after the announcement, or speak to them before the change if necessary.

Make sure to later be accessible to these people later so you can explain the reasoning firsthand.

Get buy-in from the right people before implementation.

If possible, you should consult with a handful of executives whose functions would be most impacted by the change.

Related: The Bigger You Get, the More Attention Your Culture Needs7. Don't beat around the bush when doing the reorg.

Explain in clear language what is happening and why.


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