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Among one of the top ranked programs in the world, LBS is equally known by US and international recruiters.LBS is an excellent choice for MBA hopefuls who have international experience or would like to develop a career without borders.When approaching this large number of questions and specific prompts, you will want to make sure you are also presenting your well-rounded self, with focus on career, extra curriculars and personal attributes.

2015 questions (these are even older) For 2015, Columbia changed things up a bit, though as we’ve been saying, directionally Columbia is still Columbia.

We know exactly what they respond best to; we have quite the track record of helping BSers with successful apps to this great school.

Think about the narrative thread of your life and career and how LBS is going to fit in, then expand into the future you want to make a reality through this education.

There should be a clear link between your immediate post-MBA goals and your short- and long-term goals, and all of them will flow from your current and past experiences.

Columbia has been whittling away at it until last year it was down to 50 characters. All of it is fully explained in the 2016 Columbia MBA Application Guide – which has been expanded almost 10 more pages from last year’s edition.

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Note: Despite all our kvetching about the lengths of the essays, we do have to point out that Columbia made it to our list of Five Favorite Schools back in 2014. We also cover best practices and guidelines for what makes a good length for each of these questions in that Columbia essay guide.It’s all discussed in our 2019 Columbia MBA essay guide! You’ll use this as the centerpiece of Essays 1 and 2. So as you can see, they tweaked the essays a bit, though as we’ve long said, directionally Columbia is still Columbia.This question started out ages ago as a 200-character response. We know exactly what they respond best to; we have quite the track record of helping BSers with successful apps to this great school.Information on their updates are below and are also fully explained in the Columbia MBA Application Guide – which has been expanded another 10 pages from last year’s edition. We blahgged about the The 2013 100-character version (“post-MBA professional goal”) – but unfortunately as we posted right when the 2015 app was released, Essay Snark’s opinion is that this question is near-useless at 50 characters. Use our Complete Essay Package to develop the strongest pitch possible – each step in the process was originally designed especially for Columbia’s essays!These essays are nearly identical to what they had in 2014 – our predictions were spot-on! Wow – you made it all the way to the bottom of the page?!??Your narrative thread should make it clear why you are pursuing an MBA, why now and how LBS will help you achieve your goals.If you are planning to switch careers and do not have the track record to demonstrate you are serious about your goals, it will be helpful to show your commitment through research you have done, extracurricular activities you have been involved with, or relevant accomplishments in your current position.While the example should be brief and clear, you have the option of a variety of settings.If you have significant leadership experiences outside of work, this may be an ideal place to showcase that part of your background.The main difference is there is now ONLY 50 CHARACTERS (down from 75!!! The London Business School is a close knit program with an international focus, set in one of the most exciting centers of culture in Europe.


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