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The same could be said for many other well-established companies and products. Depending upon the potential market, there are numerous information sources for this section.

This means you will have to do a lot of digging to make certain that your facts are flawless.

After evaluating the competition, include a section presenting yourself.

This type of proposal includes a summary at the top and expanded sections toward the base.

After you get through the legalities and disclaimers, the most important part of your plan should be given the executive summary.

Few people would say that IBM's products are technologically superior.

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However, everyone acknowledges that IBM still has a strong, seasoned, well-oiled marketing organization and plan, which keep the company very competitive.This includes a discussion of the participants in the market as well as potential market players, the number of years they've been in business, their size, sales volume, product niche markets and product plans. If your company and products or services are of interest to the investors, you can be certain that they will have more than a passing knowledge of the industry and its participants.In addition, the funding industry is closely knit, and it only takes a few phone calls to check out all of the details.Since many people feel that marketing is as important than technology (if not more so), include an aggressive marketing and promotional program.The product/service section should clearly show the firm's intentions to be bold and dramatic in its efforts to achieve market share.Some experts believe that the reason so many of these business plans are poorly presented is because most of the new ventures are started either by engineers or sales people with great ideas, rather than business people who know how to present ideas and make them happen. The business plan should be presented to your potential investor in the same manner that products and services are presented to potential customers--quickly and effectively.A simple way to accomplish this is with a pyramid-style presentation.And if you're lucky, you may even find someone who will let you read the reports to help you find the information you need to launch your new organization.The fifth section of the business plan is the competitive analysis.Over the last decade, an entire market research industry that covers every aspect of the computer and electronics market has emerged.Research reports can be purchased from companies such as IDC, CAP International, Gardner Group, Santa Clara Group, Creative Strategies, Yankee Group, Data quest and many others.


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