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We visualized, yes – but then we went one step further and . The Plan and The Business were our brick and our mortar. It has a wrap-around granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, beige tile and smoke-colored grout.I do a spin to peer into the breakfast nook, decorated with gauzy floral curtains and a chandelier.‘We’re just putting some finishing touches on the place.’ I approach the French doors. * If it’s not your family who brings you in, it’s probably a friend. I received new toys when my old ones broke and new books when I finished reading the ones I had. Your life could be faster, shinier, brighter, more spacious – don’t settle for less. You could drive a Jaguar instead of your crappy Oldsmobile. We were happy, until we were told we could be happier. Its author, Wilbur Cross, became acquainted with Amway cofounders Rich De Vos and Jay Van Andel when they commissioned him to write the first ‘official’ history of the Amway Corporation, , Cross repeatedly references the work of Shad Helmstetter, Ph D, a ‘motivational expert’ specializing in ‘programming’ yourself to change negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

The country was in the last gasps of the Great Depression. He was walking two miles through the snow to his high school each day, in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan: wool collar popped high, galoshes squishing, wind in his face.

Occasionally he would take the streetcar or city bus – but allowing time for the city bus meant having to rise long before the sun came up.

Inside is a floor plan of the house, a map of the community, an elevation certificate, and a packet listing features of the house, with accompanying photographs.

‘Not every Realtor does this for their listings.’ She points to a spot on the map. Here is where this house is located within the community – the Estates. They’re not tract homes – they’re different versions of the same home, and smaller: two thousand to three thousand square feet.

You may have three-car garages versus two-car garages. When you first drive into the community, while you’re technically still in Pinellas Park, you wouldn’t know it.

And then you can upgrade to the Estates section, where they’re all custom-built.’ ‘You could spend your entire life moving around the same neighborhood,’ I say. Pinellas Park is low-income – we call this section an oasis in the middle of Pinellas Park.’ We follow her up the stairs.

I hear the faint twang of the radio on the pool deck, playing ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ I turn around and step into the bathroom.

I touch the faucet on the sink and lift the valve to open the water. ’ she says, turning away from my husband to address me. ‘Just testing it out.’ * In his memoir , Amway cofounder Rich De Vos tells the story of Amway’s origins.

‘Most people think the kitchen needs updating,’ says the Realtor.

‘I like it,’ says my husband, placing his hand on the small of my back.


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