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He was incredibly intuitive –but also (I never realized this) a tremendous calculator (this is the word that was used repeatedly).

It speaks volumes that these brainy string theorists and high energy physicists went on and on about Feynman’s tremendous mathematical abilities.

If Feynman had been born 100 years earlier he might have been a lot like Faraday, in the sense that Faraday wanted to test everything in the lab first (as Feynman tried to do with the water sprinkler problem).

Of all the famous Feynman quotes, it is this one below that most sums up for me his particular scientific style: There’s Nature and she’s going to come out the way She is.

Turner’s talk in particular wonderfully illuminated the kind of scientist Feynman was since he had picked a topic– cosmology– in which Feynman was famously uninterested.

(Would string theory have been possible to conceive of without the Feynman diagrams?by Leanne Ogasawara On May 11th, to mark the 100th anniversary of Richard Feynman’s birth, Caltech put on a truly dazzling evening of public talks.I heard that tickets sold-out online in four minutes; and this event was so popular that attendees started queueing up to enter the auditorium an hour before the program began.Nor was he seemingly guided by strong aesthetic notions, such as Galileo’s “good taste” or the role of beauty in Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar‘s work or that of Frank Wilczek.Rarely publishing papers, Feynman worked tirelessly on mathematical proofs on all manner of questions.The evening talks were followed the next day by an all-day science symposium.I only attended the first two sessions–but was excited to hear David Gross speak about.His mind was wide ranging and his curiosity limitless.He even took a sabbatical year where he decided instead of leaving the country to just leave his department and worked in genetics for a year (and he was damn good there as well!” If you began your investigation to get an answer to some deep philosophical question, you may be wrong. He ends his wonderful book wondering why populations are growing exponentially why the proportion of geniuses are not growing as well?It may be that you can’t get an answer to that particular question just by finding out more about the character of Nature. When we think of geniuses, most of us probably immediately conjure up a picture Einstein. Did everyone get a chance to see Ashutosh Jogalekar fantastic post here two weeks ago on Feynman?


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