Causes Of The Russian Revolution Essay

Causes Of The Russian Revolution Essay-17
These concessions continued gradually until Nicholas II’s grip on power became very tenuous.

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Dissatisfaction of the proletarian lot was further compounded by food shortages and military failures.

In 1905 Russia experienced humilating losses in the Russo-Japanese war and, during a demonstration against the war in the same year, Tsarist troops fired upon an unarmed crowd - further dividing Nicholas II from his people.

It removed Russia from the war and brought about the transformation of the Russian Empire into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), replacing Russia’s traditional monarchy with the world’s first Communist state.

The revolution happened in stages through two separate coups, one in February and one in October.

(Modern historians might note that Russian rulers haven't come a long way in the last hundred years! When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by political activists in Serbia in 1914, the Austro-Hungarian empire declared war on its neighbours. Tsar Nicholas II saw a chance to galvanise his people against a common enemy, and to atone for the humiliations suffered in the Russo-Japanese war. World War I In many ways Russia's disastrous participation in World War I was the final blow to Tsarist rule.

Causes Of The Russian Revolution Essay

In the very first engagement with the Germans (who had sided with the Austro-Hungarian Empire), the Battle of Tannenberg, the Russian army was comprehensively beaten suffering 120,000 casualties to Germany's 20,000.In his October Manifesto, Nicholas created Russia's first constitution and the State Duma, an elected parliamentary body.However Nicholas's belief in his divine right to rule Russia meant that he spent much of the following years fighting to undermine or strip the Duma of its powers and to retain as much autocracy as possible.During the ensuing civil war in Russia, several nations, including the United States, sent troops to Russia in hopes of keeping the chaos from spreading beyond Russia’s boundaries.Over the next several decades, the Soviet Union actively sponsored and assisted Communist movements and revolutions around the world in an effort to broaden its sphere of influence.The Russian Revolution also had considerable international consequences.Lenin’s government immediately pulled Russia out of World War I, changing the balance of forces for the remaining participants.Widespread strikes, riots and the famous mutiny on the Battleship Potemkin ensued.Such was the climate in 1905 in fact that Tsar Nicholas saw fit, against his will, to cede the people their wishes.Although the new government would prove to be at least as repressive as the one it replaced, the country’s new rulers were drawn largely from the intellectual and working classes rather than from the aristocracy—which meant a considerable change in direction for Russia.The revolution opened the door for Russia to fully enter the industrial age.


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