Causes Of The War Of Independence Essay

The mere thought of an island ruling an entire continent thousands of miles away with poor communication and lack of supervision of the colonies by the king, did not work in favor of the colonies nor for Britain.

Three contributing factors for the outbreak of the American Revolution were (1) the king’s taxes, (2) neglect of the 13 colonies and (3) England’s mercantilism policy.

Some of them even did not speak English and perhaps none of them thought in those terms in which Englishmen of those days thought and behaved.

They had their own interests in so far as trade or agriculture was concerned.

The first person that Tecumseh came across was William Hull who had sent scouts to analyze Lake Erie.

Tecumseh ambushed these troops and assumed that that there were many more Americans, halting the Fort Maiden assault so the British group, under heavily experienced Isaac Brock, could arrive and assist in holding down their position.These people belonged to different races and were Germans.Swiss, Dutchmen, Scotsmen and Irishmen who had emigrated long back.When we fought for our independence the first time with Britain, it was because we did not like the way the British was using us and treating us poorly in comparison with their own homeland.Britain tried to keep us underneath their arms; to hold us closely and extort our land and take advantage of our people, but with the revolution, we kept them out.The king placed taxes known as Townsend Acts, on the colonist’s tea, paper, paint, lead, glass, and many other items that were used daily and the colonists were against this taxing.The purpose of the Townsend Acts was to help pay the cost of government in America.Their social systems were even different from that of an Englishmen living in England.Though these basic differences were there, yet these were not realised either by the British or by the American Government. Socio-Religious differences: The people of England believed in Anglican Church of England whereas most of the people in American colonies followed Puritanism.These were thus clear religious differen­ces or divergences between the people.Besides, the English society was extravagant whereas the American society was simple; new fangled and full of modern ideas.


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