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In 1869, a group of property holders and businessmen wrote , which was delivered to American President Ulysses S. The petition asked the President to begin negotiations with Great Britain for the transfer of British Columbia to the United States.In 1868, Amor De Cosmos, who became British Columbia's second Premier in 1872, helped to found the Confederation League, an organization that promoted joining Canada.

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Onderdonk supervised the construction of 341 km (212 mi.) of the main line in British Columbia.

In 1880, the Canadian government awarded Onderdonk four contracts to build four sections of the railroad through the Fraser River Canyon.

The two sections would eventually connect at Craigellachie, B. In 1867, four provinces - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario - formed Canadian confederation. At the time, British Columbia was a crown colony of Great Britain, separated from the rest of Canada by the Rocky Mountains. The gold rush that began a decade earlier had ended and the region was in an economic depression and in debt.

There was also a desire on the part of some people for British Columbia to be annexed to the United States.

Critics said that building a railroad through the Rocky Mountains was too costly and a waste of manpower.

Macdonalds Conservative government fell in 1873 and then came back to power in 1878. politician Amor De Cosmos, threatened to withdraw the province from confederation and join the United States.British Columbia joined confederation in 1871 after Prime Minister John A.Macdonald promised to build a transcontinental railroad that would link the province to the rest of Canada.Only a small group of people witnessed the event including Major A. Rogers, the surveyor who had discovered Rogers Pass, the mountain pass that made a southern railway route across the country possible.A handful of dignitaries from Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto stood side by side with workmen.With the California Gold Rush and the opening of the West came an increased interest in building a transcontinental railroad.To this end, the Central Pacific Railroad Company was established, and construction of the route East from Sacramento began in 1863.The famous "Last Spike" photograph tells only one part of the story. On May 8th, the Colfax Area Historical Society in my Congressional District will place a monument along Highway 174 at Cape Horn, near Colfax, California to recognize the efforts of the Chinese in laying the tracks that linked the east and west coasts for the first time.The government gave the CPR M in cash, 10 million hectares of fertile land, and an exemption from taxes.In exchange, the CPR agreed to complete the railway by 1891. The western section would move east over the Rocky Mountains and join up with the central section, which was to begin in Ontario and move west.


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