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While the truth may not be clear, there is enough evidence of mad behavior to consider his reign to be an uneasy period in Rome. He spent his early years in the army, travelling with his parents, because his mother wanted to be next to her husband.His parents, trying to gain popularity with the soldiers, dressed their son as the soldier himself.During the first half of the 2nd century, the persecution of the Christians intensified during the rule of the emperor Trajan.

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Christianity was looked upon by the Romans with the same suspicious skepticism as that of Jewish practices and cults like the “Bacchus, Cybele, Isis, that developed in the Empire.”3 The Romans were quite suspicious of the Christian religious practices because they believed that they included “magic, infanticide and incest”4 and “cannibalism at their meetings.”5 Therefore, as Christianity spread far and wide through the Roman Empire, the suspicions, misconceptions and hatred grew in leaps and bounds because the Romans felt immensely threatened by it.

Widespread persecution resulted from these misconceptions and punishments and expulsions began to take place in 64 C. Nero is believed to be the very first Caesar to punish the Christians by inventing “charges of guilt”6 against them.

Romans considered religion as something of an attitude that was consistent with loyalty and unity to the state. Lucian Dronca Due August 5, 2009 The Roman Empire was one of the largest and most influential Empires.

They believed that the gods helped their cities and people to thrive, and any new customs that deviated from those that had been.....war to Hannibal, a great Carthaginian general. Its influence on architecture, philosophy, law, language, religion and government of nations around the world lasts to this day.

He investigates how the Roman Empire breaks down in the fifth century and the Eastern Roman empire lives till the next century. He analyzes the two parts of the Roman Empire in the era i.e. that Briton was owned by Rome without actually conquering the region.

One of the humiliations that he devised for his military commanders for their insubordination in the debacle was to order them to spend their time collecting sea shells on the Gaelic shores, although according to Tinsley this may have been a misinterpreted order as the word for sea shells and the term for the siege works called musculi were the same (245).Rome’s decline however was not abrupt but rather a gradual disintegration of the various components that made the Roman empire great1 (Ward-Perkins, 2006, 230).This gradual disintegration of the Roman Empire spanned for for over a period of approximately 320 years.Such beliefs and practices were quite different from the religious practices of the Christians.According to the Christian belief, Jesus Christ is the one and only true living God and so Christians refused to worship the God of the state.The religious outlook of the Romans was quite different to that of the Christian faith because the state religion was interconnected with politics.The three primary characteristics of state religion were 1) it was patriotic, 2) open to foreign influence and 3) the religion was controlled and regulated by the people in the administration such as the emperor and nobles.He was wearing the miniature version on military sandals called “caligae”, and the soldiers called him Caligula, which means “little sandal”.In AD 31, when Caligula was 19 years old, he was called by Tiberius to the island of Capri.According to this policy, if Christians who were brought before him were found to be guilty, they were to ...The Later Roman Empire Stephen Williams is a freelance writer and he discusses the survival of Eastern Roman Empire.The Survival of Eastern Empire is written by Stephen Williams, the article discusses about the fifth century and the survival of Roman Empire.


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