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If death ends all activity, if death ends all knowledge and consciousness, man must seek his reward here, now, immediately.

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Also, he does not ask Catherine to come stay with him thus controlling his desires to make love to her.

From this point in the book, Henry disciplines himself.

This view involves Hemingway's concept that "when you are dead, you are dead." There is nothing more.

If man cannot accept a life or reward after death, the emphasis must then be on obtaining or doing or performing something in this particular life.

For example, we need only to recall small insignificant scenes in Hemingway works, such as in A Farewell to Arms, when in the midst of the battle Frederick Henry and his two ambulance drivers sit down in the middle of the battlefield amid all of the destruction and thoroughly devote themselves to relishing, enjoying, savoring every taste of their macaroni, cheese, and bottle of mediocre wine. From this we derive then the idea of grace under pressure.

Returning to the primary consideration, that is, that death is the end of all things, it then becomes the duty and the obligation of the Hemingway hero to avoid death at almost all cost. This concept is one according to which the character must act in a way that is acceptable when he is faced with the fact of death.

Hemingway's characters first attracted attention because they did drink a lot and did have many love affairs. In its most elementary sense, if man is to face total oblivion at his death, there is nothing then to do but enjoy as many of the physical pleasures as possible during this life. With this view in mind it might seem strange then to the casual or superficial reader that the Hemingway code hero will often be placed in an encounter with death, or that the Hemingway hero will choose often to confront death.

Thus the Hemingway man will drink, he will make love, he will enjoy food, he will enjoy all sensuous appetites — all the sensuous pleasures that are possible. The bullfighters, the wild game hunters — characters like these are in constant confrontation with death.

Consequently, after the war many sensitive writers began to look for a new system of values, a system of values that would replace the old received doctrines that had proved to be useless.

Having endured the great calamity of World War I, Hemingway found that he could not return to the quiet countryside of America, could no longer accept those values that had previously dominated all of America.


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