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But as a college English teacher, I frequently have been asked to “look over” or give advice on such essays.The request often is made by a friend or relative on behalf of a son or daughter.But I believe she leans to the wrong side of that line, especially given that she is being paid by the students and their families. But so does the college essay coaching industry, which appears to operate with not much more integrity than a term paper mill.

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If a student is found to have cheated on an exam like the SAT or lied on their application to the school, their fate would depend on where in the application process they were and whether they were already enrolled or had graduated when the cheating was discovered, Helwick said.

If they were in the middle of the application process, the school could easily take them out of consideration.

CNN has reached out to the Henriquezes for comment.

According to the affidavit, a proctor, who had been paid to sit by the Henriquezes' oldest daughter's side and provide answers during the exam, "gloated" with her and her mother "about the fact that they had cheated and gotten away with it." In the cases of students who were complicit in the cheating, Boland said such behavior warrants "immediate expulsion," adding universities need to show everyone they won't tolerate scamming the admissions process.

Two students who the affidavit says were aware are the daughters of Elizabeth and Manuel Henriquez, who are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars and favors as part of the scam.

The affidavit says their daughters actively participated.I also sympathize with the college admissions officers who must read these essays. Last week, federal prosecutors charged 50 people, including Hollywood actresses, business leaders and elite college coaches, in a brazen scheme to buy spots in the freshman classes at elite American universities.College admissions officers read hundreds of these things every year.So an essay that promises from the start to be unoriginal (“My church’s mission trip to Costa Rica”) or insipid and abstract (“My strengths, accomplishments, and future goals”) could sink an applicant, and might not even be read in its entirety.Coaches accused of falsely presenting prospective students as athletes have been fired or put on leave by their universities, and schools are reviewing their enrolled students to confirm no one else was involved.Will the students be expelled or allowed to continue attending school? And what about those who may be in the middle of the admissions process, at this busy time of year when colleges are whittling down the number of applications and sending acceptance letters?A student could otherwise be asked to leave the university and attend another institution to prove their academic merit on their own, Boland said, which is "a very common practice," often for a student who might have failed out or partied too much and didn't take their education seriously enough.One of the more troubling revelations to emerge from the college admissions scandal is the heavy-handed role played by college essay “coaches.” Fifty people, including the actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, have been indicted on multiple criminal charges, from bribing athletics coaches to paying ringers to take SAT exams, in the service of getting the children of wealthy families into our nation’s most elite colleges and universities.At least two universities have said they will deny the admissions of students if they're found to be connected to the scandal.And on Friday, USC said it had identified six students in the current admissions cycle who would be denied admission to the university.


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