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To go with this, you'll want a desktop projector and a laser pointer so a classroom of clients can see what you're doing.Have you spent your weekends and nights coding; developing a software application that you think could make you millions?

Another excellent technique is to get certified or licensed from software manufacturers or vendors who will then refer customers to you.

(Sometimes there's a fee involved for getting certified.) You'll need your own computer and up-to-date versions of the software you'll teach, along with a good word-processing or desktop-publishing program, and--naturally--an inkjet or laser printer, so you can spin out training materials.

Great, sounds like you’re ready to build out your business plan.

Although lean and agile development may be what you use, most organizations thinking about lending you money will require a more fully thought out business plan.

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You can also find the same example in the Business Plan Writer, our free online tool that guides you through the process of starting your business.To help you get started we’ve created a business plan example for the computer/software application industry.Our example focuses on a company selling a software program to other businesses, but it will work as a framework if you’re selling a product/service directly to consumers. Yes Computers and computer programs are among the most wonderful tools available--as long as you know how to use them.Which leaves lots of would-be computer users, especially businesspeople, floundering instead of working successfully.You should know inside and out at least one software package, commonly used by the mass computer market or by a particular industry.But it's not enough to be a software egghead--you'll also need the ability to communicate your knowledge to others.Startup Costs: ,000 - ,000 Home Based: Can be operated from home. And let's face it: Most programs--despite what the blurb on the back of the box may say--are not cuddly. If you don't, you quickly learn the true meaning of frustration.We make sure that our clients have what they need in order to run their businesses at peak performance levels, with maximum efficiency and reliability.AMT is a 10-year-old computer reseller with sales of million per year, declining margins, and market pressure.


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