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Iexpect everyone’s concept maps to be very various – both in content and presentation.

Chemists study many thousands of natural substances from the earth's crust, the atmosphere, and the oceans, as well as synthetic substances produced in their laboratories.

In order to simplify the task of learning about all of these different materials, scientists have developed classification schemes.

Concept maps have actually been around for many centuries: the 3rd century philosopher Porphyry of Tire advocated their usage as a method of visually representing understanding; Carl Linnaeus used them in the eighteenth century as a basis for his taxonomy of animals and plants; and they came to be officially studied as a learning tool in the 1970s at Cornell University by Joseph Novak, who based his work on the knowing theories of David Ausubel.

Ever since, software programs have come to facilitate the creation and sharing of concept maps; some programs also allow several users to work together on the same concept map.

You can also jointly develop one single, large concept map for a topic, however it must be clear who did exactly what part (you can use layers, for instance, to do that).

Keep in mind that it might be better to have a set of associated, interlinked maps, instead of one single, big map that might be hard to view and browse.

Following each iteration, students opened their maps to peer evaluation by classmates through online conversation online forums.

Students were put in groups of four and offered a week to examine each other’s maps in the forum Concept maps are discovering tools that help you arrange details and make connections in between factsand ideas.

For this assignment, trainees used themselves as the center of the concept map and generated concepts for participation represented as numerous nodes on their map.

Trainees finished three iterations of the map throughout the semester, during the third, ninth, and fourteenth weeks.


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