Concierge Business Plan

Both of them will each contribute half of the startup capital to make up the full amount.SALES FORECAST Below is a sales projection for Prime Royal Concierge Services, LLC for the following three years after startup.Having carried out a thorough feasibility study, we have come up with a total of 0,000 as the total startup cost which will be sourced from the owners solely.

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This is why we have put in place several sales and marketing strategies which will help us tackle the competition head-on.

Before we arrived at these strategies, we however, first made contact with sales and marketing experts.

The concierge services industry is well regarded for providing customers with on-demand services.

Continue reading this article to find out how you will be able to write a good and simple business plan for your concierge business.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Prime Royal Concierge Services, LLC is a fully registered and licensed concierge business which is set to be established in Louisiana, United States.

The business will be offering a number of its services to customers all around the United Sates.MISSION STATEMENT We have a mission in our concierge business: It is to provide the very best concierge services to our various customers, ranging from individuals, companies, to corporate organizations.We want to be focused on helping them achieve their personal and business goals.Within your plan, you’ll need to include things like what services you’ll offer, what to charge, how to accept payments, how you will market your business and take care of bookkeeping and financials. Life Hacker has a free one-page business plan to get you started.As a Personal Concierge you’ll most likely work by yourself, so choosing your business structure should be relatively easy (Sole Proprietor).As Personal Concierge you’ll assist individuals with their overflow of tasks and errands: Being a Personal Concierge does not require any special skills, training, or a large startup budget, however, you will need to be professional and organized.Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be taking out a loan to launch your business, you don’t have to have a formal business plan, but you do need to create a simple plan so that you have a roadmap to chart your journey.Do you want to launch your own home-based business, but you’re not sure what type of business to start?Then consider working as a Personal Concierge, or sometimes called, a Personal Assistant.Only employees in our senior management team who have maintained good performance for a minimum period of five years will be eligible for this arrangement.Below are the positions we will be offering in our business organization: MARKET ANALYSIS Market Trend One truth about this business is that the business is a very interesting service related one which any entrepreneur can key into.


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