Concise Personal Leadership Statement

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Using the five values you identified, write a 1 to 2-sentence mission statement and plug in each of the values as sort of puzzle pieces.

With a personal mission statement, you’re more equipped to let your core values drive the work you do, spread your message more succinctly, and stay inspired to show up for the critical work you do each day.

What problems in the world are you committed to working against?

Try to define the specific customer or community you work with.

Write down each value at the top of a sticky note or piece of paper.

One word per paper means you’ll use five separate sticky notes.

Now you’re ready to share your mission statement with others.

If you have more than one passion project or work focus in life, try creating a statement to guide each one.

This is particularly essential when you work at a nonprofit and you may have too much work on your plate or your work requires emotional labor.

The nonprofit sector can be just as challenging as it can be rewarding, and it’s possible that you sometimes feel defeated or hopeless in your work—especially if it doesn’t align with your core values or the community you’re interested in serving.


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