Conclusion For Business Plan

The length of the conclusion is a difficult question that few experts will put into figures.Most people agree that the conclusion should be brief but there is a risk that the author will appear to have made insufficient effort if it is just 2-3 sentences.Rather, your business plan should cover the main points of your business, interest the reader, and show you have fully thought through the opportunity.

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In most cases, you at least have indirect competition, or other firms serving the customer need with a different solution than yours. In either case, address who these competitors are in your business plan.

And don’t dismiss your competitors as being poor or unworthy.

The conclusion is an important element in writing any document in which there is a discussion of views, opinions, recommendations and research findings. For example, a Strategic or Operational Plan would not require a conclusion but a report on research of customer opinion probably would.

The conclusion is the final opportunity for the author to reiterate and emphasize selected key points previously presented in the document.

However, most investors think that if you don’t have competition, you may not have a market.

Conclusion For Business Plan

Specifically, if customers aren’t currently purchasing a product or service like yours, maybe there’s no demand for it.

It is easy to off at a tangent with one's thoughts, especially when there is writing fatigue and a desperation to finish the document well.

It is permissible, for some types of documents, for the author to make a brief statement of their own opinion in their final concluding remarks.

During that meeting they’ll ask you all the specific questions they have, some of which will not be covered in your plan (which is fine). Sell, But Don’t Oversell When used as a tool to gain investor and lender interest, your business plan is essentially a sales or marketing document.

As such, it should get the investor excited, much like a brochure for a new automobile gets the right consumer to want to learn more and/or purchase it.


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