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Relationships, family, social life, and business are all based on his ability to conform to Zenith's preset standards of thought and action.

Relationships, family, social life, and business are all based on his ability to conform to Zenith's preset standards of thought and action.

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The school demands for conformity from the students, Mr.

Seating’s Informal attitude In teaching challenges conformity and how the movie shows many consequences of conformity prove that conformity Is the mall theme In ‘Dead Poet Society.

In fact the readers first encounter with Babbitt sees him praising modern technology.

"It was the best of nationally advertised and quantitatively produced alarm-clocks, with all modern attachments, including cathedral chime, intermittent alarm, and a phosphorescent dial.

Only once during the two years that we have him under view, does he venture upon an idea that is remotely original-and that time the heresy almost ruins him."(Bloom) At first the reader sees Babbitt as a person more than happy to conform to the standards set for him by the rest of society.

Babbitt goes about his normal routine praising modern technology, material possessions and social status as ways to measure the worth of an individual.Babbitt was proud of being awakened by such a rich device."(Babbitt pg.3) Babbitt praises the technology of his alarm clock only because it is a symbol of material worth and therefore social status.All of Babbitt's actions and thoughts are controlled by the standards of Zenith.Conformity is so powerful that even after babbitt realizes the stifling nature of the society in which he lives he is powerless to change his fate as a member of conformist society. Babbitt is a man who is completely controlled by the conformist society in which he lives.Pressure to conform lies in all aspects of Babbitt's life.‘Dead Poet Society shows consequences of conformity or lack thereof. This is because when the audience watches suicide scene there is a feeling of lost control because nothing they can do can stop the Neil omitting suicide.Throughout the film Nil’s control of his own life begins to slip away until by his last few scenes he has none."His every action is related to the phenomena of that society.It is not what he feels and aspires to that moves him primarily; it is what the folks around him will think."(Mencken).These simple actions sake the boys conform to the school and conformity Is a major theme In ‘Dead Poet Mr.Seating’s informal attitude towards teaching challenges conformity. Keating and his students in the hall envelops both the students and Mr. With other teachers we have had a tracking shot or a low angle shot to show the superiority of the teacher.


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