Conformity And Obedience Essays

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Although the teacher thought that he/she was administering shocks, the learner was actually never harmed.

Milgram s study undermined the theory that only the most sadistic individuals would submit to such cruelty.

We, as humans, hold individualism in the highest regard yet fail to realize that groups diminish our individuality.

Lessing writes, when we re in a group, we tend to think as that group does…

Zimbardo writes, abnormal social and personal reactions are best seen as a product of…

an environment that supported the behavior (p.374).

Another important study in the area of social roles and obedience is Philip Zimbardo s Stanford Prison Experiment.

A group of 21 college men were divided into two groups for a study on group dynamics.

Although the subjects were fully aware of the nature of the experiment, given the authority, the guards transgressed the boundaries of norms that are considered acceptable.

Zimbardo s experiment demonstrated the power of social situations to distort personal identity. Zimbardo proved that social roles might affect behavior more than personality in certain situation.


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