Consultant Business Plan

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“This will partially protect you from less than honest clients, or those who decide to abandon a project before it is completed,” he says.

It should go without saying that the business plan for your consulting career should be your unique creation.

This is the plan and the roadmap you — and you alone — need to succeed.

We all have our own general perception of what a business plan is — perhaps something spanning 50 pages of single-spaced text and 45 minutes-worth of Powerpoint slides. Given how overwhelmed we sometimes feel at the thought of business planning, many of us are quick to seek out a template. We open one up and see — oh no, our fears rang true — it’s a monster!

Passing it off to someone else to write is a recipe for failure. “There was a problem with the plan: The founders didn’t know it,” Berry says of the business plan he was hired to write.

Founder and Chairman of Palo Alto Software and Tim Berry recounts the exact reasons why this is the case in a must-read blog for the U. “They thought it was enough to have a plan, but it wasn’t.

It’s someone else projecting how to make your business work.

It’s fine to consult with other specialists in your industry and get their feedback on your (hopefully) very logical document but don’t cheat yourself on this.

“If you never share your business plan with anyone else, do not put hours into making it beautiful and answering questions that don’t apply to you.” Your services are so revered that everyone wants to be your client, right?

Small businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, lemonade stands, etc. It’s almost shocking the number of solopreneurs who fail to think this through.


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