Creative Writing Inspiration

Anyone wishing to try creative writing can start by brainstorming ideas and then begin fleshing out their ideas on paper or a computer.

By investing time in this task daily, a creative writing project can develop and flourish.

Allowing flexibility in the creative process also means that it’s permissible to begin one project and switch to another if inspiration strikes.

Research indicates that listening to classical is only really beneficial if you actually like that style of music, so listen to something you enjoy that isn’t too novel or distracting. Creating can be a lonely activity, so head to Facebook or Meet Up to find groups in your area that gather regularly to share ideas and inspiration. Sure, you’ll make tons of typos, but you can fix those.

Even small towns have poetry readings, book signings, recitals, and art shows. (Or try this List of 100 technique.) Focus on quantity over quality—you’ll sort out and refine the good ones later. The simple act of chatting with others can get the creative juices flowing.


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