Critical Thinking Requires

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We can analyze what Juliet thinks of Romeo when they first meet.

Then we can analyze what they think of each other on the balcony.

Critical thinking gives us the tools to dig out those clues and reconstruct the reasoning of the thinker.

EVALUATINGWhen we have figured out how a person is thinking, then it’s time to look for the quality of the thinking.

Remember that thinking can run the gamut from great thinking to poor thinking, so we need to judge the thinking, hold it up to a standard of excellence.

By judging the quality of thinking, we can assess if the thinking is done well or not, if the reasoning is based on sound ideas or whether we can rely on the conclusions the thinker gives us.Are you looking for ways to improve communication and the flow of ideas with those around you?There are skills that have the capability to greatly improve your capacity to make objective, effective choices and arguments, and those are critical thinking skills.We can also analyze what Shakespeare thinks about Juliet, and even what you think about what Shakespeare thinks about Juliet.And then we can compare all of these, evaluate how strong their (and our) thinking is, and then see if we agree with how others think.You can search and find dozens and dozens, each a bit different. Richard Paul once said: Critical thinking is the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it. We need our imagination to see connections, like a detective looking for patterns that help find who did it.Critical thinking requires us to get into our mind, or the mind of someone else, to understand their reasoning. So, just as art reflects how an artist looks at the world, critical thinking helps us understand how someone’s thinking or actions reflects how they see the world.When you do this, you need to clarify your thoughts by assessing this information objectively and finding a solid logic to what you believe, rather than just a muddled idea.When we self-reflect, we are able to observe how we respond to a situation, in our minds and out loud.Critical thinking is the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it.Do you react to situations based on your emotions or personal biases?


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