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Challenge students to complete the worksheet and make an intentional error (an incorrect math calculation, out-of-order sequencing, grammatical or factual mistake in a written response, etc.) Then have students switch papers, mark the mistake, and discuss it.

Group students into pairs, and have them place their desks together in a way that forms a large circle in the classroom (or clearly-defined rows.) Pass out the assignment you want students to complete and have each person in the pair choose to be Partner 1 or Partner 2.

On your signal, the designated student holds up his or her board/paper to show the answer, and you (or a student volunteer) can award and record points on the board.

When time is up, the team with the most points wins. Choose a question or problem from a worksheet and read it aloud to the class.

10 of the ideas will help you turn worksheets into engaging collaborative activities (like the examples in this post).

Another 25 activities are worksheet-free and simply provide an easy way for kids to practice the skills you’ve just taught them (so you can ✓ Are adaptable for ANY subject area ✓ Are adaptable for ANY grade level 3rd and up (modifiable for students who aren’t yet reading/writing independently) ✓ Are totally no-prep: you can choose any activity and be ready to teach it immediately ✓ Require no special materials: you’ll need only basic classroom supplies, like scratch paper and pencils ✓ Allow you to make worksheets more meaningful OR replace them completely with active learning strategies Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom, plus over a decade of experience as an instructional coach.

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