Decline Moral Values Essay

Morality is not about freedom, but about responsibility.Morality is mostly not about actions but about values, discipline and self-restraint.Frankly, there should be no confusion about right and wrong, unless you are dealing with existential problems or abstract concepts.

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Obviously the irresponsibly rich people have the privilege, the power and the freedom to rewrite the social contract according to their whims and convenience.

The Bhagavadgita suggests that people should cultivate discerning wisdom (buddhi) to discriminate between right and wrong.

Indian society, like many others, is presently going through a similar phase.

It does not matter if women are raped every day and the culprits evade the law, if people are killed because they fall in love against the wishes of the elders or defy the privileged or if justice is denied to millions because they cannot afford to spend money or exert influence.

Unfortunately, there also seems to be a decline in moral values.

One example is the problem of increasing crime and a .There is a lot of confusion in people's minds about what freedom means or how to express it or enjoy it.The decadent values of progressive movements equate sexual freedom with individual freedom while they have no issues with government trying to control the lives of people and taking away their individual liberties through voluminous laws and deceptive slogans.Then more and more people will be drawn into it and suffer from it.As the decline continues, at some point of time, evil becomes the standard and people begin to forget what is right and wrong.Without proper discrimination, it is impossible to overcome suffering and ignorance or achieve self-transformation.You do not have to read great shastras to know the right from the wrong.In many of the developed countries we see this trend of crime and selfishness. The practice of religion tends to reinforce good moral values.But these days fewer people have deep religious convictions. Furthermore, people are affected by television and .Did you ever feel that the darker side of human behavior was gaining traction in certain social and political circles? It is now a global phenomenon, a product of the decadence in our values and morals and the crisis faith.When people lose their moral compass, they resort to perverted logic. According to our scriptures, it is usually tamasic and demonic people who indulge in this type of arguments.


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