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White sand rolls into the bluish green water, creating the peaceful and calming atmosphere that this beach is known for.During the day, the sky is a beautiful blue, the sun shining through, it's rays beaming down on everyone soaking up it's environment, and the sun's persistence making it impossible to forget it is there.

White sand rolls into the bluish green water, creating the peaceful and calming atmosphere that this beach is known for.

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So many summertime memories rush to my mind while recalling this beach; there are those long days spent at the beach, with packed lunches, coats of sunscreen, and kids building sand castles.

There are palapas that line the back of the beach; brown straw-like huts that serve as an umbrella for people planning on spending a long day at the beach, and there are always old people with their stuff propped under the palapa, but their bodies baking in the hot sun; their leather skin is so dark from countless days at their beach.

Phyllisia stormed out of the store and Edith called after her, but Phyllisia just kept walking.

Next thing Phyllisia remembered was she was looking up at about a hundred people at once, she was in a riot!

The repetition in the lines "And mile's to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep" emphasises the life choice that people have to meet their responsibilities & continue on their chosen path.

It also shows the relationship, and monopolistic market practices.

The most remarkable sight of all, however, is the sunset that paints the sky at around six thirty; with people coming from all around to catch a glimpse of the sun's colors dancing over the glistening ocean. havingthe time to study long term solutions instead of quick-fixes.

So to havea working democracy one must have free time, and to have free time onemust have some degree of affluence, and history has shown that capitalistsocieties are more affluent than non-capitalist societies, therefore onemust have capitalism to have a democracy that works.

China's transition from a planned economy to a market economy at the end of 1978.

When china started the process, the government did not have a well-designed blueprint. Phyllisia went to go talk to Edith and when she did Phyllisia was horrified, Edith was stealing!


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