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I couldn’t part with the glorious smells so I bought the beautiful tuberose-orchid garland.The little old lady told me it was called lei, which is Hawaiian for garland.My ears were filled with the sweet joyous sounds of the little village children along with the humming of the birds and the sound of the rhythmic waves which created a melodic, soothing combination.

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The waves gently crashed along the shore and pulled themselves closer and closer as if they were beckoning me to join them and play their games.

I smiled to myself and decided that I would go join in their fun.

As we started driving out of the airport and into the city, I started to see wondrous things.

All the trees had bright pinkish-red flowers just bedecking each branch and if there weren’t any flowers, the trees were laden with mangos, papayas, and star fruit.

I stopped just before the water touched my toes and ripped off my t-shirt that I was wearing on top of my bathing suit.

I stood there taking it all in, the sun on my bare white shoulders, the warm cozy sand beneath my feet, and the insane need to jump into the fresh cool water.With that, I took a huge deep breath and plunged into the silky salty water.The water was cool and refreshing; I felt it slide through my hair making it dance in the water. Sunlight streamed though it, lighting up the water around me turning it to gold.I couldn’t believe my eyes; Hawaii was just so gorgeous and vibrant.Everywhere I looked brilliant rich hues, every color of the rainbow leaped to my eyes.After pushing my way through the crowds of eager tourists, I finally made it to my luggage.After pulling my purple suitcase off the conveyer belt, I made my way to the doors where I was picked up by some of my friends living there.Fishermen using sticks were perched on the edge of the land like vultures anticipating their prey whilst young boys were effortlessly climbing up the scattered palm trees that were drooping over the edge so elegantly, in order to harvest the fruit to bring back to their father’s stalls to sell.A large white cruise ship was pacing itself along the distant horizon as a flock of birds spread their wings and cloaked a soft shadow onto the gentle ripples of the water as they gracefully glided by.We drove down to a beach called Sandy’s and I leaped out of the car and ran down to the crystal clear deep blue water.The warm sand squished under my feet and made my calf muscles clench to keep myself balanced and moving.


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