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But, even if it doesn’t demand a lot of efforts and time, you still have to have certain skills to manage a good essay.You do not need to add analyzes, quotes, statements or evidences to your descriptive essay.

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But here I am, driving to his funeral in rural Connecticut, and there is my uncle Eddy in the passenger seat, companionably sipping on a Schlitz, as usual.

Plus didn’t you have two cups of coffee this morning?

He points out the telephone poles as we drive and says, These are the old-style poles, you see, with all the creosote; nowadays they coat them with some other stuff that’s not as foul and hard on your lungs. I really liked your aunt, despite all her melodrama, and we had the kids. My baby girl walking into a sort of prison, and the gate closing behind her with a clang.

Probably that’s why I got cancer, but what’s the difference now? Sure, they had their problems, but who doesn’t have problems — am I right? You have these moments when you are supposed to feel one way, and you feel another way altogether, and you don’t know if you are a fool or what.

He’s right about my aunt, who is an excitable person, and also is a lovely word, and just then a big hawk floats right over the road in front of us, so neither of us says anything for a while.

After it’s gone, my uncle talks about hawks: As a lineman, you know, you enter their world to some degree, he says. The first time I was up there with a nest and thought about taking it apart, I thought of my own house.Why is one kind of stimulation better than another?Plus your aunt will be in high dudgeon, and I want to be relaxed.For one thing I will be in a closed casket, and for another I was never much for dressing up, as you know. In my army uniform or my lineman’s uniform, not so bad, but in a suit, no. The rest of the way to Danbury we continue to make detours to see lakes.I had to wear a suit the day your cousin entered the convent, and it added to the discomfort of the situation. There’s Mamanasco and Naraneka and Waubeeka, plus various small lakes that are basically large ponds.And third, this is the last time I am going to see lakes. I want to ask what he saw and felt and knew when he died.I want to ask him about his childhood, of which I know nothing. I want to ask him about how he met my aunt on the train in New York City and why they moved to rural Connecticut when they were just kids, married not even a year. So I don’t say anything, but it’s like he can read my mind, because he says, Look: (a) it’s not like I have to give a speech at this event, and (b) it’s only one beer, and (c) you would think that if ever a man could be excused from what is and isn’t proper, it would be on the way to his funeral. I want to ask him if drinking a beer is a particularly good idea at eleven in the morning, but who am I to question a guy on the way to his own funeral?It didn’t happen in my lifetime, but maybe in yours if someone speeds up the program. That should have been a sign to us that something was wrong.He is wearing his telephone lineman’s boots, I notice, and I screw up the courage to ask him if it’s appropriate, wearing his uniform to his funeral, and he says, Ah, what’s the difference? But there were so many fires to put out back at the domicile.


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