Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Plan Template

Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Plan Template-90
The BCP is often considered the heart of a BCMS (business continuity management system).All organisations, no matter their size, should create a BCP.To help you with your BCP, we’ve created a free downloadable template.

A BCP consists of the processes and procedures an organisation needs in order to continue operating during a disaster and recover as quickly as possible.

All of this information is put into a document, which is regularly tested, developed and improved on to make sure the organisation is prepared.

An information technology disaster recovery plan (IT DRP) should be developed in conjunction with the business continuity plan.

Priorities and recovery time objectives for information technology should be developed during the business impact analysis.

The recovery time for an IT resource should match the recovery time objective for the business function or process that depends on the IT resource.

Information technology systems require hardware, software, data and connectivity.

Comprehensive BCM (business continuity management) measures are essential for responding effectively to a disruption and providing a minimum acceptable service during a disaster.

A crucial aspect of BCM is the development of an effective BCP (business continuity plan).

Failure to plan could have disastrous consequences for your organisation, potentially resulting in your organisation being unable to recover.

The document must be published in a place that is available to all members of staff, especially those directly involved in the BCP, and in all appropriate formats (digital, hard copy, etc.).


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