Dissertation Progress Report Example

Dissertation Progress Report Example-25
A thesis proposal (TP) is exactly what it says: a proposal of the topic of your thesis.

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Another mistake is to believe that every piece of previous work has to be mentioned. It presents the author's interpretation of the previous work as it affects the proposed topic. Your supervisor should discuss the writing of the survey with you and you should look for good examples when you are reading.

One brief example might illustrate the analytical approach.

This survey should always be written with your work in mind: so if you are interested in theme A, then it is pointless to spend a lot of time describing how previous work deals with theme Z.

In other words, your analytical survey must be focused.

Consider your fallback strategies for if your hoped-for results turn out differently, or take longer than expected.

In general, the spring reports (4 and 6) should include skills development plans, while the autumn reports (3, 5, 7) should include reviews of your activities.

Suppose you have found descriptions of fifty systems or approaches that are relevant to your work. Also it is unlikely that there are fifty distinct methods: more likely there are a few "families" of methods.

The trick of a good survey is to pick one, two or three representatives from each "family" and write a survey around these, introducing references to the other when there is some significant point to be made.

If in doubt about how best to describe your objectives talk to your supervisor.

You should also remember that your thesis proposal will be discussed and evaluated by your thesis group in the first and main instance.


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