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HR Managers may implement tech-assisted analytical tools and knowledge from their HRM education in manufacturing plans which seek to increase the efficiency and output of employees.

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THE IMPACT OF PERFORMANCE EVALUATION ON WORKERS PRODUCTIVITY IN NIGERIA » CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW2.1 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Performance evolution has been describe as an act of determining the performance ability and subsequently rating of the employee to a particular standard.

Performance evaluation has been defined by various authors in their own various ways.

Dissertations are in general long and wide-ranging for all programs whether Masters, or MPhil or Ph D and can prove to be overwhelming for the student.

HRM is a disciple which calls for extreme practical work as well.

Students can choose from the ‘Free Topics’ section if they are confused on narrowing down a topic or they can fill the lead form for a customized topic as per their requirements.

Our packages are devised at cost-effective rates and students can entail our services in their budget.Employees require guidance and training especially if they are new to an organization and it is the responsibility of the HR Department to ensure that each and every employee is well apprised with the functioning and working of the organization.Moreover, HR Department is also entrusted with the responsibility to train workers for betterment and teach them effectual working methods and ethics for personality development and grooming.Staffs of the Ministry were used as subject for the study. A sample of 150 staff form the Ministry of Finance in Akwa Ibom State used.Instrument used in gathering data was questi…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 1,369 engagements | 2.HR Managers and Executives are responsible for critically analyzing the existing situations of their organizations and accordingly craft policies and plans for betterment and effectiveness.They can consider a number of factors when devising new policies or frameworks for organizations in line with the nature and culture of the organization.Human Resource Management serves to oversee the most valuable resource of any organization i.e. All issues and matters concerning the employees fall under the responsibilities of the Human Resources department and with the passage of time; education in this particular field has garnered immense scope.The Human Resources department is now an integral part of every organization and is often incorporated with the Administration department in some small scale organizations.Robert and John (1997) defined performance evaluation as the process of evaluating how well employees…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 726 engagements | 3. (2006) Motivation is the desire within a person causing that person to act according to them, people usually act for one reason to reach a goal.THE EFFECT OF MOTIVATIONAL TOOLS ON EMPLOYEES MORALE IN AN ORGANIZATION » CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW MOTIVATION DEFINED According to Mathis, R. Thus motivation is a goal directed, driven and as such, it seldom occurs in a void. (2005) defined motivation as a general term ap…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 910 engagements | 4.


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