Do Colleges Check Plagiarism Essays

When time permits, comparatively old-fashioned methods -- such as reviewing references or writing styles -- are employed.In other cases, the university may hire a service to safeguard academic integrity.The services scan student texts against Web searches and its own database of previously submitted papers.

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It can very well result in one’s admission being rescinded, or once a student is matriculated it can result in expulsion; degrees can even be revoked. To not brainstorm essay topics with someone well versed in the field of selective college admissions, to not have someone review and critique those very essays can put an applicant at a disadvantage.

And then there’s the embarrassment it would bring to not only the student, but also to his/her family, school, and community. Novelists don’t publish books without their editor, their editor’s assistant, and a team of readers first offering creative insight and proofing.

She believes in the integrity of the applicants to Dartmouth.

Her staff of admissions officers is trained to detect plagiarism.

They have all at some point been accused of plagiarism.

Eliot, and historian Stephen Ambrose all have in common?And yet Laskaris, like Tom Cruise in “The Last Samurai” is seemingly fighting the future.The fact is that this kind of technology will save time.Subscribing to search services like is another popular option.Instructors can have students submit papers to a service's site, which generates an e-mail if plagiarism is detected.Instructors can also determine if the material comes from an online essay or term paper mills.Although popular as a cheating method, many of these sites also recycle similar content and references, which significantly raises the student's risk of detection.Unusual phrases and diction choices that seem inconsistent with previous writing samples are also good indicators.If doubts persist, the professor may request a conference to assess a student's familiarity with his own paper's material.In television, with a few notable exceptions like Marc Cherry’s “Desperate Housewives,” pilot scripts are rarely bought as completed products.Rather, they are purchased as ideas and, together with creative notes from studio and network executives, that pitch is shaped into a story arena, an outline, and, alas, a script that can be produced as a pilot episode.


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