Dog Prothesis

Prosthetic devices must be carefully fabricated to fit each pet so that they function flawlessly once attached.

Total hip replacement is available for dogs and cats.

Veterinary surgeons have also been successful installing artificial elbows when a pet has end-stage elbow dysplasia.

The prosthetic elbow relieves pain and allows your pet to return to its normal daily activities.

You can find on You Tube many videos of dogs, cats, pigs and other animals that have been fitted with rolling wheelchairs and carts to replace the function of compromised legs and hips.

Hip dysplasia and arthritis are common among certain dog breeds, and can making walking quite painful.

Humans have been using prosthetics for several hundred years, from crude peg legs and hook hands to modern high-tech replacement limbs that can be controlled by existing nerve endings.

Surgical replacement of hips and knees have become commonplace.

Get all the facts before you decide how to proceed. Paul has a strong interest in avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery, as well as small animal internal medicine and surgery.

He has provided services for numerous breeders, kennels, aviaries, and mini zoos.


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